Update: March 31, 2020


Well, what a crazy year 2020 has been so far. I haven’t updated my website in quite a while (Hmmm… this sounds very similar to one of my more recent posts). As I sit here checking off the list of things I want to accomplish from my Covid-19 sequester, I thought I would take a quick minute to post to the site.

Calling Professor Huff

I’ll just skip over 2019 and get right to the current year. I started the year off landing an Adjunct Professor position at Volunteer State Community College, teaching an Intro to the Entertainment Business course. It’s certainly something I wanted to pursue (which is why I got my Masters Degree from Berklee College of Music), but I didn’t realize how much I would love teaching. I’m having a blast! I’m looking forward to expanding this side of my career in the future.

Film Scoring

2019 was actually quite full of projects from Scholastic. Along with the usual short films I compose for, I have composed for quite a few audio books they have been producing. There have been so many, I won’t list them here. But you can check out my Credits page to see a complete list.

I have recently completed the scores for the Mo Willems short, “The Pigeon Has to Go to School,” and “Dog Breath” by Dave Pilkey. As always, these were super fun to work on.

I’m about to start scoring for the 7th and 8th books of the “Captain Underpants” audio book series. The first six were hilarious. Can’t wait for these new ones.

Wrap It Up, Scotty!

Ok, that’s probably enough for now. There are some exciting things looming on the horizon that I’m not at liberty to disclose at this juncture, but I’m anxious to share with you when the time is right. Until then, take care, be safe and stay tuned!