Scotty Reunites with The Mavericks

Scotty has recently appeared in several live performances with Grammy Award winning band, The Mavericks, filling in on trumpet. The band’s regular trumpet player unexpectedly left the band to play with The Zack Brown Band, which left The Mav’s in a bit of a predicament. Until they were able to fill the position, they needed to at least get some trumpet players to fill in the remaining dates for 2015.

It’s funny, I heard about Paul [Armstrong] leaving from a Mavericks fan, apparently only a day or two after he quit. I called [drummer] Paul Deakin and asked if he needed anyone to help out. A couple weeks later, there I was back on stage with the boys!”

In 1998, Scotty was hired to lead “The Havana Horns” for The Mav’s as their 1st trumpet player, arranger, and harmony singer. In 2000, the band took a hiatus until 2004. In the meantime, Scotty went on to play with Keith Urban, Jake Owen, and others.

The Mavericks are such a phenomenal band. I’m so happy they are back making music again. And to have the opportunity to play some shows with them is a true honor.

Scotty is scheduled to be back out with The Mavericks in early November. For more information on The Mavericks, including their touring schedule, visit